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Perpetua's Kin (Pre-Order)


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The author of the much acclaimed #1 Indie Next Pick THE GREEN AGE OF ASHER WITHEROW returns with a riveting historical mystery about a family shaped as much by tumultuous world events as by each of its members' unspoken decisions.

Epic in scope and yet intimate in its emotional power, PERPETUA'S KIN moves across several generations and much of North America, from Pennsylvania and Iowa in the 1820s, through an American south embroiled in Civil War, and finally to World War II San Francisco. What emerges is a profoundly contemporary exploration of the American experience as one family embodies it: our heritage of violence, our chronic restlessness and desire for regeneration through technology, and the impossibility of escaping the history that forms us and, always, demands a reckoning.

“With Perpetua's Kin, M. Allen Cunningham once again demonstrates he is one of the bravest and most talented novelists writing today. His prose sings with a rare kind of poetry, even as the story sweeps you
along with its dark mystery and heartbreaking tension. With each page we gain the greatest gift of fiction: an insight into our own trembling humanity.”
-EOWYN IVEY, author of To the Bright Edge of the World and The Snow Child, Pulitzer Prize Finalist

“A novel in conversation with Faulkner and Melville and possibly even Robert Louis Stevenson. … A writer both original and well aware of the writers who have come before him. Cunningham’s writing, like the scope of his novel, is bold and ambitious.”
-PETER TURCHI, ​author of A Muse and a Maze, ​and judge for the Oregon Literary Fellowship

"Perpetua's Kin is beautiful, reminiscent of The Green Age of Asher Witherow in that it has the cadence I remember that takes the reader right in ... M. Allen Cunningham gives us a book to savor -- a fulfilling,
substantial book, and a joy to read."
- Janet Boreta, founder of Orinda Books (CA)

"Weaving several meaningful themes ... [Perpetua's Kin] is both questioning and underscoring a number of basic American assumptions. The first involves heroism and the Civil War ... the second considers
the entrepreneur spirit of the American West ... finally, and most importantly, Cunningham is pondering notions of family inheritance and family angst. Why can’t we break free from parents and the past? What heavy burdens do we unknowingly carry Cunningham’s style [is] verbal pointillism. Staccato daubs of sentences and paragraph, truncated letters and whispered conversations, unhappy mixtures and matches of past and present ... The style, in effect, resembles dits and dots of the telegraph system, interrupted sequences of electrical energy that somehow tell a tale..."
-Ann Ronald (for Bookin' with Sunny), author of Friendly Fallout 1953 and The New West of Edward Abbey, and Foundation Professor of English at the University of Nevada, Reno

Approx. 320 pages
ISBN: 9780997652376
5.5 x 8.5 trade paperback