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Partisans: A Lost Work by G.P. Leed

$12.00 (Coming soon)

$12.00 (29% off!)

Samizdat Series, Vol. 3

*A Finalist for the Flann O'Brien Award*

"Part fable, and an all-out a plea for the love of good stories."-NewPages

A lost work by the mysterious writer Geoffrey Peerson Leed, Partisans describes a brutal war in an unspecified past, as well as Leed's struggle to survive in a paranoiac future riven by totalitarianism and social decay. The book is presented in nine parts according to Leed's designs as indicated in manuscripts discovered after his disappearance. Everywhere at its heart, Partisans speaks boldly to our contemporary moment: a time of unbridled surveillance, constant war, and maddening technological upheaval.

ISBN: 978-0-9893023-4-0
262 pages
8.5" x 5.5" trade paperback